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Business Credit Report vs. Business Credit Score: What’s the Difference?

When you apply for business credit, potential creditors and lenders look up your business credit report to assess your company’s creditworthiness. So, what, pray tell, is a business credit report and how is that different from a business credit score?

Business Credit Reports

A business credit report is created when business credit bureaus track trade credit, such as buy now/pay later deals with your suppliers, and other financial activities. These reports have data such as financial information, banking, trade and collection history, liens, judgment and bankruptcies. There are limits to the information in these reports, however. Only debt associated with your business’s federal tax identification number appears. Personal lines of credit do not show up. And it’s up to your business creditors to send information about business loans or lines of credit (aka trade credit) to the reporting bureaus. Yes, it’s all voluntary reporting here.

Business Credit Scores

A credit score ranks your business’s creditworthiness. A good score is crucial to getting the green light for financing and trade credit, as well as qualifying for lower rates on insurance and loans. Strong business credit scores are also the key to getting your business OK’d for trade credit and financing. Credit reporting bureaus have different ways of scoring your business: some scores range from zero to 100 (with 100 as tops, zero as a nadir), other scores range from zero (still excruciatingly bad) to 300 (yay! excellent).

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