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We’re here to help you achieve your dreams faster. By building the credit relationship platform, we are revolutionizing the way businesses manage and grow with credit.

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To simplify relationships and make it easy to do business.

Our Story

Our story begins with us: Kevin and Dave, two entrepreneurs who tried to get funding for their startup businesses. We quickly discovered how difficult the quest for capital was. Potential lenders brushed us off, saying our new businesses lacked a financial track record. They told us to come back when we had a business credit profile.

Our businesses were financially invisible to the world of lenders and creditors, and that made it impossible for small and medium-size businesses (SMBs) like our own to get the financial assistance we needed to build and expand our businesses. We realized that it takes money to get money, and we learned that we needed capital to establish a business identity.

We knew that many other SMBs had our same problem in getting capital. That’s why we created a technology platform that empowers small businesses to control their credit health and make financial connections, as well as create innovative ways to close the funding gap.

We came into existence to make your financial burden lighter and perhaps, nonexistent.

Shekal’s goal is to lighten the financial burden on entrepreneurs and, ultimately, eliminate it altogether. Shekal is devoted to helping SMBs by establishing an online network and offering free financial tools for entrepreneurs and small businesses, as well as for creditors. There, you can connect directly, developing win-win financial relationships that help streamline costs and save time in getting funding.

We at Shekal truly care about your business, its growth and its needs, and we will go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that these are met by helping you connect with the right creditors, for capital and services, that can make your dreams come true.

And there’s more. Shekal does this by helping you, the entrepreneur, establish and build your business credit — an essential step in attracting and snaring capital.

Skekal also values a global focus. We believe that empowering local business owners and entrepreneurs, locally, nationally as well as globally, will have a profoundly positive effect on many millions of lives around the world.

At Shekal, we believe in you. We will help get you the credit you need to turn your dreams into reality.

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